A Dumb Token

2 min readDec 25, 2021


What does Pulsedoge do? Absolutely nothing! You can buy it, sell it, and send it back and forth. That’s it.

There’s strength in simplicity though.

Having a dumb token like this makes it very secure and basically unhackable unless the chain it runs on itself gets compromised.

It also makes it less likely to succumb to bad tokenomic design, which is what you see in most yield-producing tokens and “reflection” systems.

They simply die and can never claw themselves up again as design flaws screw them over forever.

What sets Pulsedoge apart is that we still introduce complexity with new features but we do so outside of the token itself.

We have an entire staking function coded outside of the actual token! (See EchoStaking)

We can do this due to our devs controlling 104% of all supply — It’s almost as if the entire project is self-funded forever!

In any case, by doing it this way we can tinker and add functions without impacting the code of the token but still influence it from the outside.

For example, if you get penalized by early end-staking Pulsedoge using the EchoStaking smart-contract (which lives outside of the token) then part of your stake gets sent to the burn address, which indirectly affects the token because those coins get taken out of circulation forever — Nothing however has changed with the token code itself.

As we continue working on Pulsedoge you’ll see more of features like this.

3/3 2022 UPDATE: Another feature designed to work together with EchoStaking is now being worked on! Read about the Pulsedoge NFT project and how it may benefit all Pulsedoge holders!