ETH Holders Get 2X PulseDoge!

Sep 29, 2021


The development of the $PulseDoge token (Pulse version) is now nearing completion, and we’re looking forward to talk about the features and use-cases we will enjoy on PulseChain. Cool stuff coming!


By holding $PulseDoge tokens on the Ethereum network you will automatically receive the exact same amount of tokens on PulseChain!

There is no process or step-by-step you need to do to claim your tokens, they will be automatically reflected on your wallet once you switch your Metamask settings to PulseChain.

The $PulseDoge token will have the exact same supply on PulseChain as it does on the Ethereum chain, so your tokens will never be diluted.

Learn more about PulseChain and PulseDoge through the following links:

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PulseDoge Website
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PulseChain Website
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