Pulsedoge launching on ETH

2 min readAug 23, 2022

We’re launching Pulsedoge on Ethereum.

// How will it all work?

ETH Pulsedoge will SHARE the same supply as BSC Pulsedoge and will be exactly the same otherwise. This means ZERO dilution for current holders.

How can this be achieved?

Holders of BSC Pulsedoge will be able to claim ETH Pulsedoge tokens by burning BSC Pulsedoge tokens.

Example: You have 100K, you send 50K to the burn address, and you can now claim 50K Pulsedoge on Ethereum.

This process will be easily done on our website when we’re launched. So do not worry about it now!

If you burn your BSC Pulsedoge tokens, you will not be able to reverse this move. Those burned tokens are taken out of the supply forever.

But it’s the only way you’ll be able to claim your ETH Pulsedoge tokens

Other way is to market purchase

IMPORTANT: The ETH Pulsedoge tokens are what gets copied over to Pulsechain, not the BSC ones. This means ETH Pulsedoge will be native to Pulsechain at launch.

IMPORTANTER: The burn-&-claim period lasts 30 days after LAUNCH DAY

IMPORTANTEST: Do NOT burn tokens on BSC before Pulsedoge has officially launched on Ethereum. Be CAREFUL of scams and copycats. The 30-day claim period starts at launch, not before.

ETA to launch: 2 weeks

Discuss this with the dulsepogers at t.me/Pulsedoge