What Is Echo-Staking?

3 min readOct 14, 2021


Over the past few weeks we’ve been developing a new kind of staking contract we want to launch once our token is deployed on PulseChain.

We’ve been exploring the possibility of launching a zero-inflation staking feature as we will never have more than 1 Billion tokens for the PulseDoge token.

We call it Echo-Staking.

Zero-inflation, how?

Between founders, super-whales, and early community members we’ve been able to agree on roughly 215–230MM PulseDoge tokens to be pledged, “donated”, and locked, into a new staking contract.

This 215–230MM will be taken out of circulating supply, and instead be used as a common reward pool for future stakers of PulseDoge.

This means between 15–20% of the current circulating supply of PulseDoge will be locked into this contract and be available as staking rewards.

In short, it’s a staking eco-system without any external sell-pressure, no inflation needed, no tokens minted ever.

All the staking yield will come from existing, or “former”, supply: from big liquid wallets, from seemingly benign entities who want to enhance the PulseDoge project.

4 key points:

  • Stake anywhere between 1 and 369 days
  • Principal + reward (yield) is locked during the whole commitment period
  • Zero inflation
  • You also earn the xPulsedoge token as a bonus to your regular yield. This reward you can claim immediately and use in the NFT lottery. The xPulsedoge token has no monetary value and cannot be traded.

Can I end a stake early?

Yes, but you will incur a penalty. Depending on how many days are left unserved, it may be very harsh.

If you still choose to do so, you will get back your principal PulseDoge tokens MINUS a penalty:

This penalty is divided up in the following way:

50% is sent back to replenish the echo-staking contract (it is “recycled”)
50% is burned and thus removed from circulation forever

The Basic Idea

  • The more people who are honest and keep their tokens staked, the less circulating supply there is available which is always neat
  • The more people end-stake early, the more the echo-staking contract is funded AND the supply of PulseDoge permanently shrinks due to the 50% that is burned

“But dawg.” you say, “Isn’t it spelled Eco?”

Yes but we’re dulsepogers, this is the way we spell it.

“What’s the ETA?”

Best estimate is PulseChain launch + 3 or 4 weeks. We want this extra time after launch for internal and external auditing. We don’t want this contract to go Decepticon on us.

“Will Echo-Staking be available on both PulseChain and BSC?”

No, Echo-Staking will only be available on PulseChain.

Ask us about Echo-Staking and anything else in our Telegram!

Link → t.me/PulseDoge